Making your Ip address static

step 1. first you gotta know what network device your using

typically tho its wlan0 the command on terminal is:

sudo nmcli -p connection show

this will show you a lits of devices also note

lo stands for loopback address you typically never need this address.

step 2. so now that we know what device we want next we can configure it

here are the commands for setup

sudo nmcli c mod -name of network device- ipv4.address -the ip address you want to use-/24 ipv4.method manual

sudo nmcli c mod -name of network device- ipv4.gateway -gateway address-

sudo nmcli c mod -name of network device- ipv4.dns -dns address-

this should now set your address to static meaning that when the computer connects to a network

it will request that address from the router it is useful for setting up certain network devices

because usually dhcp will change your ip address. but if a server has a different ip address could lead to issues

could lead to issues when configuring your network later down the line.

by keeping traffic consistant with a static ip you can now configure your computer aS server!!!

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