Rant #1:The Rantening

Welcome to the very FIRST Rant post and by extention first blog!!! I think a good place to start is why I'm going through the effort of self hosting

a website instead of just making a neocity account or buying webhosting software and then not monitizing it... Well the main reasons is that this website

first and foremost is for as long as it stays up on the internet is made to represent my scream into the void and secondly in response to this ever crushing

jobscape I'm bored angry and have no actual work to use these computer skills I've aqquired so in an effort to sharpen my skills I have built/I am building

Scitzoe.com I should also maybe take some time to explain what the tabs are gonna contain the rants tab will contain unhinged thoughts with varying coherence

and for lack of a better word sanity.......the stuff tab will be for misc. things that I find interesting this could be a video or an image or something cool

I find. For the tech tips tab I plan to add how-to's for tech stuff because if the original info is lost or removed I'll have it here to reteach myself

and finally for the home tab I plan to add updates and such havent quite figured it out but ill use it. I may add more tabs as needed.


as of the time of writing this (and finally getting the blog stuff properly setup) its a little past 1:00 am

If you are not me reading this id like to think your for browsing scitzoe.com and hope to see you back soon (I promise to fix the time-out errors)

Good Night Freak shits

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