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as of current the guestbook currently is not functional

Killer Guac recipe

The best Guac youll ever have

The First Official blog of scitzoe.com

Not much to talk about here but if you're here WELCOME

The Demiurge is actively tricking you and you are falling for it

You know not of how the Demiurge constantly tries to unplug you from the cosmic hivemind

How to make the PiOs x64 have a static IP.

I'm gonna show you how to set up a static IP on a Pi with PiOs's 64-bit OS. It seems they did something different with their pathing, so I'm gonna show you an alternative method I use to make make an ip static

Using the scp command to transfer files via ssh

quick overview of transfering files over ssh it wasnt hard but it required a bit of figuring out

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~intended for pc

please use fullscreen

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